Resistant (13mm) manure removal equipment for free stalls

  • It is safe and easy to use thanks to the electronic control panel;
  • Simply to use;
  • It is possible to program different operating modes;
  • Economical (motor power 0.75 kW);
  • Menu is in Estonian language;
  • Automatic movement start and end point determination;
  • Safe for animals!
  • If it is necessary, than the scraper can  quickly fold or completely remove;
  • Canal don't have to be located in the middle of the farm, because groove is with open end, so this equipment may be used in different length part of farm;
  • The drive mechanism takes a little space: more space for animals;
  • Different ways how to fit up a drive mechanism;
  • Corners can be fitted in a separate aisle;
  • Equipment pulls a very strong chain (13mm);
  • To strain the chain is very easy: you have to raise only the drive mechanism;
  • There is no need to change the stretched chain: you have to change only transmission motor level (4 different degrees).